Novex is the hallmark of treatment professionals present in each transformation of the lives of more than 60 million Brazilian women. The Treatment Creams Novex been specially created to put in the hands of hairdressers what is best in innovation for hair. This formula was developed for acting penetrating deep into the hair fiber.

Technology from root to tip, the result of this action are ultraprofunda hair super treated, soft and with a glare and compliments everywhere.

Novex Tips

  • Novex Argan Oil
    Also known as the Liquid Gold from Morocco. The Argan Oil line restructures your hair by eliminating split ends and by protecting it. It also gives it an incredible shine.
  • Novex Bamboo
    Novex Bamboo is ideal for hair that needs an extra dose of strength and growth. It is ideal to leave your hair nourished, treated, strong and full of life.
  • Novex Olive Oil
    Novex Olive Oil offers to your dry hair a deep treatment which combines protection, hydration and nutrition.