15 Brazilian Actives Extra Deep Hair Care Treatment Cream (1kg)

Do you want your hair to be nourished with Brazilian actives? Novex Professional Hair Food Therapy guarantees amazing results for the health and beauty of your hair. Novex 15 Brazilian Actives Treatment is an extra deep treatment hair care cream for all hair types.

Do you know the power of the 15 Brazilian Actives?

Strength, nutrition, shine and moisturizing. Novex 15 Brazilian Actives delivers the best from Brazil's native vegetation to your hair. A mix of fruits and plants that delivers to your hair a natural and lasting renovation, enhancing your hair's health and manageability.

  • More strength, shine and smoothness
  • pH 3,5
  • High concentration
  • High density
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Indicated for all types of hair
15 Brazilian Actives Extra Deep Hair Care Treatment Cream

Directions For deep nutrition: after shampoo, apply to towel dry hair and massage. Allow to remain on hair for 25 minutes with plasctic cap, or 15 minutes with salon vaporizer. Rinse well. May be used as a conditioner, for continuous treatment.