What is keratin?

Keratin is the natural protein rich in amino acids that is present in our hair and nails, in fact 85% of hair is made up of keratinized cells. The Keratin Treatment "Without Chemicals" main function restructures and repairs the damaged hair strands by the use and abuse of desrices, wicks, discoloration, dyes, hairdryer and iron, restoring vitality, strength and structure.

What are the main assets of the Novex treatment creams?

Keratin, ceramides, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, silicone oils, hydramiel, Dpanthenol, minerals, among others.

What are the benefits or advantages of Novex treatment creams?

Novex is an intensive treatment for all hair types, treating specifically when combined with other vitamin and mineral assets. Repairs keratin cells incorporating the crust material and sealing the hair cuticle, leaving hair stronger result, moisturized, vitalized, loose, silky, frizz-free and shiny dazzling.

Are Novex Intensive Treatment Creams like bath creams?

No, our creams are deep treatments for hair, able to repair, restructure, hydrate, nourish, provide strength, growth and shine and silkiness, depending on the assets with which it is combined.

How often should I use Novex Intensive Treatment Creams?

It depends on the damage of your hair, however it is advisable to use at least once a week. You must observe changes to the product to determine if you rotate the use of creams according to the needs of your hair.

If I don’t remove the Intensive Treatment Cream Novex, can it be counterproductive?

Yes it can saturate the hair, generating oiliness and more than you'd only really need and it can absorb it as well. Since they are excellent conditioners what you can do, is apply and leave on for 3 or 5 min. to express treatment.

Do Novex Intensive Treatment Creams have formaldehyde?

Our treatment creams are all natural, they contain no formaldehyde or other chemicals.

Do Novex Intensive Treatment Cream works as a smoothing?

Keratin is not a smoothing, its a treatment that restores the hair with chemical damage, mechanical or environmental. Smoothing to be a need to provide treatment that will contain some chemical. Our products are natural.

I use Rena, can I apply Novex Treatments?

Novex Treatments creams are fully compatible with Rena. Both are natural treatments, just follow the application steps so as not to saturate your hair.

Novex Treatment Creams are compatible with any chemical?

Yes, they are compatible! Regardless of Chemicals (dyes, wicks / reflexes, desriz, relaxing) applied in your hair, you can use any of the Novex treatments because they are all natural and will cause you no contradiction, quite the opposite, protect your aggression hair than chemical processes.

If I just dyed my hair and I applied a Novex Intensive Treatment Cream will it remove my hair coloring?

No, it will only enhance each pigment color, leaving hair soft, manageable, hydrated and silky. Ideally, after each color appliqués intensive treatment to restore hair from chemical damage. It may affect the color if you apply liquid keratin (Max Keratin) the same day, as both processes penetrate the bark of the thread and stay when keratin could make the color move. It is advisable to apply 15 days after dyeing, when it has completed the process of fixing the chemical, if your hair needs it.

If I have oily hair can Novex Treatment Creams increase oily production because of it?

It will not happen if you use creams with Nutrition (discards hydration), and follow the steps correctly and application techniques, thus should not generate extra fat production. Remember that everything in excess is counterproductive, so you should follow the recommended application methods, with a minimum of one week. It is recommended that you wash your hair with very hot water and apply yourself when you do the product means to ends, respecting the scalp, it is also important to monitor your diet. If you hair is extremely greasy, we have a deep treatment cream that will hydrate and balance the natural oiliness, Novex Clay Mineral, Novex Bamboo Shoot and Capillary ration.

Does the application of Novex Treatment Creams cause dandruff?

No, if you follow the steps of application it should not generate dandruff, If it recalls meeting indicated the frequency of use and mode of application because otherwise you could be feeding your hair more than necessary, saturating and allowing dandruff or fat production as a result of that extra dose because your hair can not absorb, also put you to sleep or having wet hair tails could generate dandruff. When picking the product root rub well to remove entirely the product residue.

What I can do to maximize the results of Novex Treatment Creams?

To provide additional moisturizing cream combined treatment with ampoule Sempre Bella Shea Butter. If you just want to drop anti care, we have Jaborandi blisters. For additional reconstruction specifically capillary wicks / reflections or tips we offer the Nano Keratin serum. If you want extra power Max Keratin restructuring can add any of your Novex treatment creams.

The cream indicated for Strength and Growth will cause more hair growth?

The action of this cream is to nourish the hair follicle and promote the growth and strength of the strand. No more threads will be born, it will strengthen the new threads that generate naturally and create a protective shield against future attacks.